There is no law that requires a DNA paternity Testing laboratory to be accredited. Accreditation is the only assurance that an individual has that the DNA paternity test they will receive is legitimate and is performed in a manner likely to give a reliable result.

There are just a few accreditations that are significant to DNA paternity testing. By far the most important one, for testing performed in the United States, is accreditation by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) for DNA relationship testing. Paternity Testing Corporation has the following accreditations, and there are no other accreditations that would indicate any higher level of DNA paternity testing expertise.

American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)---Paternity Testing Corporation is accredited by the AABB. The AABB makes on-site inspections of our DNA paternity testing laboratory every other year. They make certain that every accredited laboratory is following accepted procedures.

Forensic Quality Services—ISO 17025---Paternity Testing Corporation possesses the ISO 17025 international accreditation for paternity and forensic testing. This is significant for paternity testing for individuals residing outside of the United States. Some countries will require this to have the DNA result hold up in a court of law.

New York State Department of Health---Paternity Testing Corporation is accredited for paternity testing by the New York State Department of Health. That agency performs an on-site inspection at our laboratory every other year.

CLIA is an accreditation for clinical testing. This accreditation is held by Natera of Redwood California. This accreditation is for the prenatal blood testing. Natera does all of our blood only prenatal testing