How to choose a paternity testing laboratory

There are many different choices of laboratories out there.

They range from private firms to huge corporations. Most people are not in the market for a paternity test more than once, so it is not something a lot of people spend time to read or learn about.

The guaranteed paternity index, and if the company is actually accredited are the two factors you should be looking for.
An AABB accreditation is the most recognized sanctioning organization for relationship testing. If they are accredited by this body, you can be positive that they are a real company performing paternity tests.

In total only 40 laboratories are accredited by the AABB. The AABB also sets minimum standards for testing.

The next factor would be the minimum paternity index that a company guarantees you. On all of our standard paternity tests we guarantee a minimum of 99.99% or 10,000. Some companies only guarantee a minimum of the AABB standard which is 99% or a paternity index of 99.

The result of 10,000, is literally 100 times more accurate than an answer of 99. There is a huge difference in the level of testing. With a result of 99 what this actually mean is one in one hundred men of the tested race, will share genetic likenesses with the child. So literally you would have a 1 in 100 chance of being tested positive as the father of a child.

As you can guess this causes false inclusions. Companies will continue to test to these low standards until one of the accrediting bodies raise their standards. These types of tests can be found anywhere on the internet for extremely cheap, but they will usually not list what kind of accuracy they will guarantee you.

False advertising is all over the place for paternity testing. You will see claims such as 99.9999% or even some companies are advertising 100%. Unless they actually have a written guarantee in writing stating that they will continue testing until they reach a certain paternity index or a percentage, it is usually just a lie. Even worse some bury their actual guarantee deep on an obscure page on their site to hide the fact that if something goes wrong with the test such as a mutation, or you do not include the mother, many companies will actually guarantee you nothing. There are also some very good companies out there, just be sure to educate yourself on the subject of what to expect for results before you purchase a test from anyone.

There have been many cases of someone actually believing they were or were not the father of a child just to find out, sometimes years later that a test they took was incorrect.