Grandparent Testing

(Collections are different between home and legal testing)
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[for legal testing]
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· Application can be made in either order form, email or telephone.

· The payment method is 3 choices of bank transfer, cash on delivery and credit, all fees are paid by the customer. (For judicial purposes, cash on delivery is impossible.)

· Sending items (inspection kit, inspection results, etc.) can be post-delivered. (For judicial purposes, there is no sending kits to the customer.)

- About testing -

This test is used when the father's sample is not available. This test identifies a genetic link between the father’s parents and a child.
It is better to include the mother in this test. So we know which of the child’s DNA came from the father, and which from the mother.

- Price -

Please click below and select all options for pricing.
There will be an extra 5000 yen charge if the mother is not included.