Non Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test


■What is required■
· 2x 12cc tubes of the blood·
· A standard mouth swab from the alleged father·

(Collections are different between home and legal testing)
[For home use]


[for legal testing]


■ Other notes ■
· The collection cost is not included in appraisal fee.
· The blood collection cost varies depending on the medical institution. Approximately 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen is a standard.
· When sending the kit from our company it will be shipping cash on delivery.
· Expenses for witnesses that are needed for judicial purposes are 10,800 yen - 21,600 yen.

About the test

This test guarantees an accuracy of 99.9%. This extremely new technology does have its limitations however.

If it is possible both alleged fathers are brothers, both alleged fathers must give samples for the test to be accurate.

If you are from a genetically secluded region, such as a small tribe in Africa, or a secluded village in northern Alaska, all potential fathers must be tested.

There is a small chance there will not be enough of the fetus’s sample in the mother’s blood to perform the test. In these cases there is no extra charge for retesting the sample, but there will be a charge to redraw the blood at the hospital, and for shipping. This usually happens very early in the pregnancy, after 9-10 weeks this problem decreases.


Prenatal Paternity TestingPrice
Testing using mother's blood, and cheek swab from the father.150,000円
Additional father+22,500円
Legal test+10,000円
Gender Identification+10,000円