Paternity Testing


(Collections are different between home and legal testing)
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[for legal testing]


· Application can be made in either order form, email or telephone.

· The payment method is 3 choices of bank transfer, cash on delivery and credit, all fees are paid by the customer. (For judicial purposes, cash on delivery is impossible.)

· Sending items (inspection kit, inspection results, etc.) can be post-delivered. (For judicial purposes, there is no sending kits to the customer.)

- About precision and warranty -

We only issue results with paternal probability 0% or more than 99.99%. When the paternal probability is 0%, the parent-child relationship is not established, and if the paternal probability is 99.99% or more, the parent-child relationship will be established. In addition, our company guarantees 99.99% or more in parent-child appraisal. This is a guarantee to provide inspection results with a paternal probability of 0% or 99.99% or more. If it is impossible to obtain a paternity index of over 99.99% we will refund the testing fee.

At first, we conduct an inspection method called PCR-STR. In the PCR-STR method, the standard of initial DNA locus uses is 16 loci, but our company inspects 22 loci in every initial test. If the result does not reach our guaranteed value of 99.99% or more by PCR method, switch to inspection method called RFLP method. The RFLP method is a much stronger inspection method than the PCR method, and we are the only company that currently carries out this inspection method. The RFLP method takes more time than the PCR method, but since we can inspect up to 29 PCR-STR loci, 8 RFLP loci, and 7 Y chromosome loci we can perform more accurate appraisal. When conducting this type of inspection method at other company, additional fee may be charged to forward the samples to our laboratory, but at our company, even if we change to RFLP method we will not charge an extra fee. This guarantee even includes if there is a mutation in the child's DNA or child's mother not included in the test, our company will continue to inspect until 99.99% or more inspection result is obtained.


Parentage TestingPricing
Paternity/Maternity Legal Testing (Trio or single parent)42,000‎¥
Home Test (Not for legal use)25,000‎¥
Additional Child or Alleged Father+12500‎¥
One Day Result
(After sample reaches lab)
Same Day Results
(After sample reaches lab)